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    Our Product

    • Ski helmet clip made of recycled plastics with an S-shape that provides self-locking without the use of glue or stickers. Because of its S-shape, it can be easily attached to the belt of the ski helmet while holding the COVID mask. It is a really easy clip to use while skiing.
    • This eliminates the traditional use over the ear and under the skihelme, it is a really easy to use. 
    • Each pack consists of two ski helmet clips units, one for each side of the helmet. They can be purchased individually or in bulk.
    • Personalized quantities can be offered, from 500 units up to 1,000,000 units but you must contact us by email. 

    • With local production near our offices, we are able to produce and ship a large quantity to our business partners quickly and efficiently. 
    • If you are a B2B company and would like to purchase large quantities at special prices, please do not hesitate to contact us. How to use helmy ski helmet clip for COVID Mask Winter season

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