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    Safe, easy, comfortable

    We are huge ski enthusiasts looking forward to getting back on the slopes as soon as possible. Like every year when it is getting closer to Christmas plans were made for the skiing holiday. Because of our experience wearing masks on the lifts last year we wanted to create something more comfortable without having to pull off the skihelme first or tying the mask behind the neck.

    This was the moment when the idea of creating the Helmy clip struck us. In helmy shop you can find our product. Creating the most comfortable skiing environment where wearing a mask is as simple as it gets. We as HELMY & Co also only want to produce with local business partners, to keep the quality on a maximum level.

    With the skiing holidays and trips coming closer and closer we believe our tested and very reliable, easy clip to handle and regionally produced skihelm mask clip is the best solution for having the best days of your year without any trouble.    

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