Best Ski Helmet Clip for ffp2 mask in ski winter season regulation 2022

HELMY Clip is a self-closing plastic clip in S-shape, made in Germany. It is a perfect accessory that you can easily attach to your helmet or ski goggles. So you can wear the covid mask ffp2 while you wait to ski, without having to take off your helmet as soon as you start skiing. It is a simple clip that is suitable for ski helmets and ski goggles. Protects you and others.

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Skihelm mask clip

Mandatory use of ffp2 ski mask can make skiing more of a chore. Our goal at Helmy clip is to provide a solution that allows customers to ski without having to wear a locked mask in their ears. All customers can put on and take off the mask at any time without having to remove the helmet. It is a really easy clip to use while waiting for skiing in the lifts.

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  • Benefits to wear a Ski Helmet Clip

    ◉ Secure hold and protection

    ◉ Quick and resistant hold for ffp2 mask

    ◉ Follow the Ski COVID Regulations

    ◉ Skiing fun despite mask obligation

    ◉ Wide enough to be stable

    ◉ One fits it all skihelm

    ◉ Usable for helmets and goggles.

    Easy Clip to use

    ◉ Protect yourself and friends

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